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Ramales de la Victoria is one of the most emblematic climbing areas of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Ramales de la Victoria are a number of ways, in 14 sectors, in which we climb on limestone, either on plates “drop of water”, dramatic overhangs, or on plates of strips collapsed as the Echo Wall

In Ramales de la Victoria can climb all year

Although summer days, the sun can wreak havoc on sectors like road, Panoramic, Pyramid … in which shines all day. We take refuge in the Eco, yes, knowing that sudaremos a great time. In winter the rain no effect, since you can also climb on the wall of Eco, sheltered by its wall collapsed 280 meters, will make the umbrella function.

Climbing areas

Pico San Vicente

vía: “El túnel del Tiempo”

Zona de Aja

Panorámica de Peñas de Aja

Guerreros de la roca

Fisura Fakir

Zona del Eco

Panorámica Eco

Rabo de nube


Zona del Haza

Panorámica Haza

Vía Zapata

Jose Miguel Alonso

Cubata de Vino


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