Asón Valley and the Valley of Soba we offer a variety of possibilities for hiking.

Asón Valley

The valley is known for its rugged Asón limestone massifs, sheltering inside caving extraordinary richness and majestic and interesting ancient beech, oaks, certainly the most remarkable of eastern Cantabria. Notably its beautiful mountain scenery that bind to the valley with green meadows.

The undeniable beauty of its landscapes, trails and paths makes this an ideal place for relaxation and enjoyment of nature that reached its peak in the Natural Park of the hills of Assos (in Soba), with exceptional views of the valley and the source of the river that bears its name, in a spectacular 50-meter waterfall.

This region includes the municipalities of: Ampuero, Arredondo, Guriezo, Clean, Ramales de la Victoria, Rasines, Ruesga, Soba and Valle de Villaverde.

Camino cascada del Asón

Soba Valley

This valley is crossed by Gandara River, a tributary of Assos. The historical and municipal limits exceed the Soba Valley understood geographically, and also include the head of Assos, the right bank of the river Miera Valley (Township Valdicio Soba village) and the left bank of the river valley Calera, bordering with the province of Vizcaya.

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